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How to control the temperature of steel base
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Storage temperature plate in the outside temperature drops, soon with the decline in the library, grain temperature decreased, the grain temperature basically keepsbalance; concrete base, because the cement storage is very strong, steel base heatis much lower than the rate of absorption, emission and slow. Store food absorbed through the wall heat because of the difficulty of the wall in the next period dissipated.In the library cause grain temperature gradually increased.

Want to practice to prove that as long as the management is not so good grainbroken, to solve an important problem, problem of food into the water, into the grain moisture content should be strictly controlled. Generally not more than 13%, such as more than 13.5% will be after storage by mechanical ventilation cooling and precipitation.

Steel library energy-saving, emission reduction, reducing the power consumption of alibrary instead of multi storage equipment, to reduce dust to a minimum; practice proves, steel library reserves is not only big but also safe storage; investment, savingcost for the user; widely used in cement off-season storage, to ensure the continuous production season, the off-season; save the land to the state, eliminate environmentalpollution.

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