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The advantage of the steel silo
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Shanghai silo machinery equipment Co. Ltd.  presenting politely:

In the storage device, the structure of the steel silo is simple, the cost is simple, makesrapid development, has been widely praised by the user, the steel silo comparedwith ordinary cement silo has what advantage.

Comparing steel silo and ordinary cement base advantage:

A good overall performance, long service life. The steel silo in the construction process, completely by the special equipment construction, in the rolling process, the outer wall of silo bite into a 5 times the thickness of the material, 30 mm to 40 mm widespiral ridges, greatly enhance the carrying capacity of silo, the silo overall strength,stability, anti shock better than the other warehouse. In addition, the bin body materialaccording to the storage materials against corrosion and grinding strength requirements, choose the best material ratio, which makes his normal service life of30-40 years. Far more than other warehouse service life.

Two, good air tightness, wide purpose. Because of the volume of steel silo bin special equipment bending, bite, can ensure the quality of any part of the bin body in the process, so it's sealing is particularly good, can be stored in cement, fly ash, slag superfine powder materials such as, in the building materials industry application is very wide. Such as cement plants, power plants, cement grinding station.

Three, the construction period is short, low cost. Spiral bite steel silo construction,ground installation of the top bin. Philips construction equipment shaping, the meander line speed can reach 5 m / min, does not need the scaffolding and other ancillary facilities, so the time is very short. Spiral bite steel silo with all made of thin steel sheet, weight is only equivalent to the same capacity of reinforced concrete silosteel weight, greatly reduces the cost. In addition, because it can be cylinder inside and outside two kinds of material bending, forming double bending method, cangreatly reduce the engineering cost for the storage of corrosive materials in chemical,environmental protection and other industries.

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