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The great effect of steel silo
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Shanghai silo machinery equipment Co. Ltd.  presenting politely:

The steel silo is widely used in agriculture, food, metallurgy, building materials,petroleum, chemical industry, light industry and other industries, the steel silo storagegrain bulk material, powder material and liquid material, such as: wheat, barley,sorghum, corn, rice, soybeans, edible oil seed, flour, starch, Coffee, cocoa beans,feed products, cement, gypsum, sand, ore, bauxite, caustic soda, water, oil, vegetable oil.

The steel silo with its rapid fabrication, light weight, relatively low cost advantage,since 1980 in China is more and more widely applied, the current our country hasproduced steel silo built more and more, which has obtained good results in the use of grain and other industries.

To facilitate the industrialization big production. Galvanized sheet steel silo can beindustrialized production, transportation convenience, rapid field assembly, low cost;Jiancang fast, high efficiency. Steel silo field device has no construction season effect, fast progress. a  six-people  group can hold up a set  of a million tons of bin in 15 days.

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